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Here's the test page I'm having trouble with . . .

Little more than half way down the page, where the header says Order Pro Figure 'Sparky' , on the right hand column under that has options for ordering such as Eye Color, Raising Eyebrows, Mustache, etc. I've got 4 problems happening there on the drop down options.

1. When you hover with the mouse over the option boxes the mouse over changes to a 'cursor' like for editing text, instead of an arrow.

2. The drop down boxes are all going the full width instead of only being as wide as the widest text in the drop down.

3. The Add to Shopping Cart button, the text inside of it is touching the ends of the button.

4. The boxes are taller than normal, causing the column to stretch down below the left hand column.

On my old non-responsive site, which I've had for several years, I'm not having any those problems. I just slap the form code in the html and it pretty much works. You can see that on this page here . . .

I mean they aren't perfect, but the drop down option boxes are basically looking and working like they should. I've never had any issues with the form code with a straight html/css site, but in RLM the game changes for the form code for some reason.

Any thoughts, ideas, or a direction to go to find an answer? I'm guessing RLM is adding some styling to the form somehow that the old Coffeecup HTML editor did not. Here's me scratching my head.

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Actually RLM hasn't done anything to your form and it's working exactly as it should be. Everything you mention happens regardless of what type of site it's on. The dropdowns always do make your mouse show up as a text box cursor, have never really paid attention to that, but yeah it does it for all of mine that I've created as well. Just click and it does the dropdown, and anyone that uses it will know what to do as it's pretty self explanatory since it has the arrows to the right of the box.

*NOTE* after writing this I did find 2 of my forms that do not do this above text box cursor and they do give the correct arrow cursor as they should, so I am probably wrong above and hopefully someone from CC will chime in here and let us know what's up on that.

The size of your boxes width wise is caused by your settings in the program. I'll imagine you have them set to 100% width in the program and that's exactly what it does in your form then. The boxes have no connection to the size of your choices width at all, that width is determined by each element's options which you choose with the dropdown in the options of the element that shows you the different width percentages.

I would imagine you can change the width of the button in some way if it's not an image, but the easiest fix for this would be to eliminate the word "shopping" and just have it say "Add to Cart" which is what it would typically say on a shop anyways.

Lastly, the height of the boxes cannot be changed within the program. Not sure why they don't give us that option, many have complained about it and asked for it so hopefully it's something they will add in the future. In the meantime you can do 1 of 2 things.
    First you can adjust the width within the code. You'll have to do a search on the forums here in Form Builder section to see how to do this as I've never bothered, but I believe there are a few people that have posted a way to do this in the code of the form. Just remember you will need to change this any time you alter the form.

    Second, you can adjust the left column's content to stretch vertically to try to match the right side better. Add more text to that box, would be a good idea anyways, even just a short 1 or 2 sentence description of the product would help both the content of the box as well as the vertical alignment with the right box.

Sorry none of this news is good news, but now you know the rest of the story :P Hope it helps some. :)
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Jo Ann . . . Thanks so much for taking the time to answer me on this. Much appreciated. Actually it got me to poke around and re-examine things. I accidentally found out that RLM has 'input' elements that I hadn't noticed before. Doh! :P I don't know how I missed them before. In any case, I just used those elements, set the styling on them, and it all worked. Here's the fixed page with the drop down menus looking right. . .

I was able to adjust the height of the boxes, the width of the boxes, and the text in the button looks great now. The cursor on hover is still the same, but that's a small deal compared to everything else.

Now I just need to do the HTML form stuff in CC-Editor to get the form to submit where I need it to go (Cart32). The fun stuff! :)

Thanks again. Got me going in the right direction and I'm thrilled with how it is working so far.

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