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Hi. I could do with knowing a bit more about the differences between "main.css", "coffeegrinder.css" and "coffeegrinder.min.css". If someone could explain the purposes that would be helpful to start with. To explain my question in full - making my site/s I'm making changes to "main.css" (adding shadows and further styling many elements) which is a laborious job, to say the least, and so I'm saving my edited main.css and re using it, simply copy-pasting the main.css file back into the updated website. All is working great and I have a template sorted to make further websites faster doing this.

However, I've checked my site using a broken link checker and it reports a 404 linked from coffeegrinder.min.css. This is the first time I've had any cause to look at the coffeegrinder files and I'll confess to being completely stumped why I'd get a 404 reported or what on earth to do about it.

I'm hoping it's not problem caused by copy-paste recycling my main.css file. Or is it a reference that is missing?

The link checker finds 404 at... /css/'data:image/svg+xml?utf8,<svgxmlns=""preserveAspectRatio="xMinYMin"width="100%"height="100%"><gstyle="fill:

Its says the anchor text to the broken link is... style: .show_grid_structure>.row


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