Problem with test email on RED Mailer...

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I have been trying to create an email project and I have sent it to myself a couple of times to see how it works.

Today after working on it a bit more, I have two problems.

1. I keep getting the error "Unable to send email" after I click Test email. It goes through all the steps but concludes with the error.
But when I checked the email was sent. I am using gmail to send and receiving on another email.

2. My links are not working. I am not getting it to open to the website I linked certain texts to.

Can anyone help?

Thank you so much for your time.
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Happy to give your project a looksy Clement, can you post the .red file here?

On the sending error, we are using gmail all the time for sending tests. It might be related to your connection. You can try to open a (free) Outlook account and see if that works better.
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Thanks for your response Bob.

I just tried using my other email to send from and receive with my gmail and the links work perfectly.

I still got the Unable to send email error though even though it sent the mail.

So I guess I have to check my gmail connections or my system.

Thanks for the effort. Will get back if I still have issues.

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