Issues trying to export - Help please...

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The file was attached here:
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Emetris wrote:
The file was attached here:

The problem is with the Social Icons. You have all 3 of them using the Resource Library (Local Icon). You need to update Facebook, Youtube and About Me icons to use Online Images and then enter the URL to each icon.

See, RED was correct. You still had 3 images to update. This is why using a paid CoffeeCup account is so handy. ;)
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I had this problem and it was asking me to upload 35 images before i could export. I too was not understanding how to get the 35 images which were preventing me from being able to export uploaded to the correct place. The problem kept persisting. I deleted all of the images in the library within the application and the emails that were giving me problems. I redid the email and sent the images to my s-drive storage in my S-drive account, the proper place. Then i did not have an error message of the 35 images keeping me from being able to export and I was able to export. After that it was not behaving correctly in a responsive manner and did the update to latest version and that fixed the functioning problem.
I have the paid account and it was not letting me use the library. I think that that was because I was not logged onto my account within the application. When i was having the problems the instructions had not been published yet.
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Thanks, Scott and thanks Greg!

Now I understand that problem I had.

However, it is good to clarify that the instructions are not clear, because it is said that the creation of a "local folder" links up the conversion of HTML to a CoffeCup payment account... but does not say that the images in the social icons are part of that scheme. In fact, gives the impression that the user (me) can use them without this limitation.

It is highly recommended that a good and useful program as RED, has a very clear manual or a few instructional videos with all the details that CoffeCup knows that could produce this type of queries that might be unnecessary, if everything were well explained.

Likewise, it is important that the program has an automatic reminder when there is an available update, because I bought the program on February 2 and I never heard that had left an important update on February 10.

As for my problem, I'll try the suggested and hope work well. I'll be in touch!

Anyway, thank you for the attention that was given to me. I value the speed of it.

Best regards!
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I too have come cross this problem and wish good program as RED warned me when I wanted to use social icons from provided image sources within application. now that I know off course I will avoid it but for new user it will be big headache before found out what causing with exporting issue.
Guys at coffeecup are awesometacular.

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