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Is anyone else out there experiencing problems with lags in the inline editor? In my case, I enter text into a text box only to find the display of the letters lags by 2-5 secs. They are buffered and long entries do show up (eventually) but it has become very frustrating. Email Designer is the only app in which I experience the lag, and it has been evident in versions prior to version 4, however, it appears to be even slower in the v4 release. I am using a Dell i7 laptop with the latest drivers (again, no problems in other apps). It has become very frustrating and certainly slows my workflow.

Suggestions? Similar experiences?


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Hi David,
I would try a restart if you haven't done it.
Also try shutting down any antivirus if you have it to see if that helps.
Otherwise I would open a support topic.
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It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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I'm having the same experience as David. Running the Mac version, and when typing in the editor I'm frequently words ahead of the text actually being displayed.
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Hi, I have been using both the Windows and Mac version, and I can't see the lag you mention. Did you get the latest update from Dec. 5th? If you did, and the lagging issue is still there, then post back. The developers are just attacking some lagging in Site Designer, so maybe the issues are related.
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I'm running the Dec 5 version, build 1791, on a 2017 MacBook Pro, 16GB RAM and only RED and Outlook running. The paragraph editor box is really, really, really slow. I've gotten to the point where I'm keeping copy in BBEdit and editing it there and pasting it into RED since that's faster.

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