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Steve Wu wrote:
Hmm - the file size may not actually be the issue. I accidentally saved and sent the html file under a Unicode setting that blew the file size up to 134kb... and it went out with no issues. I'm starting to think it's a matter of the number of lines of code.

In any case, here's the properly slimmed down message that has no clipping issues: … 42815.html

And here's the original, uncompressed version: … email.html

I'm at a good place with this, but hopefully this info helps someone else!

That's interesting Steve. We are minifying the export / test send message as well, but looking at the code of your original file that is not the case. If this for some reason is not working for you it would explain why you are the (only) one that has the truncation going on.
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When finished designing, I click "Export", and then use the HTML file that is created afterwards. Is that the method that you're "minifying" through RED?

I just updated my version to the latest 953 version thinking maybe that was the issue, but so far still the same result.
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Bringing this topic back...

After taking a break from RED (and e-mail in general), just dived back in with Red V3. I'm having issues again with G-mail clipping the message. Samples follow:

Design in question: … erGEN.html
And in G-mail:

I remembered this from the earlier version of RED; I also recall that the problem sorted itself out in later versions of the software. I haven't tried the HTML-compression solution yet; more wondering if this is a known issue at this time (or if there is a quick fix I'm missing).

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Oi - Looks like this is a Mailchimp issue. Seems that Mailchimp takes imported HTML and then breaks out the HTML from its compressed state. Must be something new I'm looking for (and have a support ticket in with Mailchimp) a setting in Mailchimp that stops this from happening. Must be something new within the past year.

If this is the case, that basically makes any Responsive E-mail created outside of Mailchimp unusable.

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