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I'm trying to get RCS to create a simple slideshow with variable width images and (thumbnail) icon images. I have no problem as long as the total display width of the icon indicators is less than the width of the slideshow container. But additional indicators extend to a second row (see screenshot). I would very much like to create the effect I have seen in other content sliders, where the row of icons rolls across the screen as the slideshow plays, so that the current icon indicator is always showing, together with a few of the icons before and after. Can I do this using RCS?
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Me too !
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Depending on how much work you would want to put into this, I have used button links instead of the icon indicator for a sliding effect right to left to get close to what the icon indicator does but not ready to say I have it under control yet.
Still trying to get a good handle on animating everything. (Each button link slides in from the right and out to the left)
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