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I have two softwares I use a lot: CC softaware (almost all modules) and Rawshooter by Pixamntec, destroyed be Adobe (they bought the assets and transformed at Lightroom, I hate). These softwares makes me to stay with Windows otherwise I will change to Ubuntu or Solaris. If CC start working for Mac I will think to change for Mac. I'm really full of MS Windows and all changes they do full of bugs and obliging people to make another learning curve. I was an advanced user of Excel and now I didn´t discover how to remove a password from a spreadsheet made in Excel2003 with the brand new Excel2007. I don't care if Excel2007 is better I don't want to throw away years of learning and start again...
I think CC sooner or later will start designing for Mac and/or Linux :)
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Two weeks ago I replaced the PC I built 9 years ago that was running XP. I am now using an up to date PC loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) and it is like a new world to me. I pushed that old PC too far... to the point that I was yelling at it! :mad: Anyhow, I have loaded all of my software most importantly my Coffee Cup software and wanted to chime in that it all seems to work perfectly. I have no issues at all... so far. :D The best part is that I paid for my new PC with money I made from my websites!!! :cool:
I am using HTML Editor, LockBox, Photo Gallery, Visual Site Designer (for the kids), Web Form Builder, Web Video Player, Shopping Cart Creator, Shopping Cart Designer and Flash Website Search. My works in perpetual progress:

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