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Hello fellow coders,

and hello and thank you to CoffeeCup who allowed me to post this in the forum!

This is not the lightest hours of my life, and I wish I could be jumping of joy instead, but I have almost lost my wife 3 times over the last year, to a genetic illness. Now I am home-nurse at daytime, work at night, sleep is postponed until I choose to retire one day. Thanks to good strong coffee, moral support from good friends, including many of you here in the CoffeeCup forum, who I almost consider to be my extended family now.

Due to the the realities, I had to cut down on most my work and focus 100% on wife, keeping her alive, keeping us both alive, as well as the charity organization WeCare Foundation that we started together a few years back. Thanks to many volunteers, we have ensured the stable and continuous operations of the foundations - keeping alive the youth programs that we are running, and allowing me to now put my focus on where it is needed.

In a final attempt to save my wife, I have managed to organize specialists from different parts of the world, by selling most we had that could sell, even our car, all treatment funding for abroad is secured, also thanks to doctors willing to work for less pay and hospitals donating resources. But - because of the situation and complications - there are now a pre-treatment that has to be done, before my wife can undergo any more surgeries etc.

I just finished my Fundraiser site, where you can read all about it, - and also contribute if you have the opportunity.

site is now alive, back-end systems are working, and will officially be launched next week, so to keep things under control and be able to do things the right way, I ask you to NOT spread the link yet via social media, and allow this to happen after next week instead. Social connections will be added to the site when it is ready

Since many of you are good UI designers, both on desktop and mobile platforms, and many bloggers, I would appreciate any feedback you might have, UI, UX, Content, Typos - anything, and submit via contact options on the site itself.

More content will come, as the site will eventually (when fundraiser is over) be transformed into a resource center for Sickle Cell disease, those who has it, families, friends, colleagues, and anyone who want to learn more.

The donation system is running, all systems are Go, so Please feel free to contribute if you can.

Alone - we will not make it, This fundraiser is a final step, and now our last chance to reach the goal (now total of US$43.000 remains - which is 11-12% of the total that we already have in place)


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