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In HTML Editor, I saved files in Working - Since I couldn't upload from that module, I uploaded from Direct FTP

I can't see the files in Windows Explorer on my local computer - latest version of index, for example is not there - only the previous one.

HTML editor shows no files except an old index and one other old html file - no pages, immages, or anything.

Now Direct FTP does not show the newly saved index - only an older one, but all the other files show properly.

I am running html in compatibily and run as administrator.

I set Windows Explorer for compatibility, also.

In HTML Editor, when I try to upload, I get to the point where submenues appear, but a blank area to the right of upload.

This has been frustrating.
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If you can't see the files, they must have been saved at some other location, or you forgot to save the changes.

Anyway, if you have the Editor open and go to the File menu and go down next to the bottom, you'll find Recent files. There you will be able to see the whole path to the files, so maybe you can find the ones you are looking for.
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