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I manage a basic email newsletter. I construct the emails in HTML and then after sending, keep them in an archive on my web site. I would like to be able to send an email containing a link to a video, for example a YouTube embed. However, it would need to be viewable in both Outlook as an email and using browser interfaces like Hotmail. I have been unable to fine the right combination of HTML. I have seen examples, viewable in both formats which play videos in the email from an image. Does anyone have suggestions?
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Have you taken a look at Coffeecup's Responsive E-mail Designer (RED)? I have never tried what you want to do, but I know there are some difference between a website and an email (code-wise).
You can download a trial and play with it for a bit. And also, you can use this forum extensively for any questions you might have. We are a firendly and helpful lot :)
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