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I searched first and did not see this, my apologies if already discussed.

First used HotDog by Sausage Software throughout the 90's, then Expression from Microsoft. Just started using CoffeeCup and one feature I am really missing, is the Tag Properties panel.

I've attached a screen cap of a practical example.

You have a page already built, you need to edit an image.
I just click on any tag, in this case <img>
The panel on the left opens all the possible attributes AND their options.
If I want to change the image in Coffee I have to know the path. If I want to change it in Expression, I just click the attribute modify cell and it opens a File Manager type navigation and a click or two later I have my image.

In Coffee the "in line" tag properties in most cases requires you to already KNOW what you want, and even when it gives you an option, in most cases it doesn't give you the additional option for what goes between the "".

In the ancient Hot Dog and the now outdated Expression, the Tag Properties panel constantly changes with whatever tag you click within a document. And you always know all your options for what goes in the "" within the tag attribute.

A good example of this, is in the same document, if I click the <td> tag in Coffee, and space, it will give me a drop down of tag attributes... but if I click the <td> tag in Expression, the Tag Properties panel not only gives me the tag attributes such as CLASS, but it also gives me 3rd level modifiers such as all the various class options relevant to the document. In case I can't remember the names of the classes I created.

I tried to get an additional screen cap but when I change 'focus' it closes the drop down. I hope you'll take a few minutes to review some examples of this in Expression and see the value of a fully functional Tag Properties panel.

Thank you.

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Hi Victor,

I also started with the 'Sausage' back in the 90-ies. I didn't use CSS at that time, I simply didn't know what it was to begin with. But after having used the HTML Editor for nearly 20 years, I have never missed any 'Tag Properties' panel. I usually define some classes that I want to use before starting on the main HTML document, and then, when typing the first '<d' I get suggestions from the program. Then I select 'div', and both the start and the end tags appear in my document. I type space and get suggestions again. After selecting 'class' the classes I had defined pop up. For me, that is sufficient as tag management. Why do we need more than that when all further properties appear in the style sheet?
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