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Scott, I don't chase every update. If a version works fine for me I tend to stick with it.

Eric, I missed that, thanks. Maybe I'm just stuck in a comfortable rut. :rolleyes:
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:rolleyes: Okay...I know it's a really small thing...but I wanted to point this small spelling error out in case anyone cares!
Randy Patrick
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Randy Patrick wrote:
:rolleyes: Okay...I know it's a really small thing...but I wanted to point this small spelling error out in case anyone cares!

OOPS! Thanks! :)
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Inger wrote:
When clicking on a start tag, let is highlight the corresponding end tag. Or even if you are working somewhere within say <table></table> those tags should be highlighted.

This would be so useful!!
I am commenting my ass of <!-- begin this --> <!-- end this --> it's annoying especially when you open a website that you didn't make and there aren't comments.

Find the end of the div within 1 hour xD
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Being able to match tags is always an issue especially on complex pages. Not only <table> by also <div> tags, I did find this cool utility ( that will do it for the DIV tags but would great if we could do it inside the editor. This one produces a map clearly showing the ones that match, if you use ID makes it even better.
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Cool Jerry! Thanks for sharing. :cool:
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Hi Scott,

1. Within Find and Replace for current page option a selection to replace only within the selected text rather than the entire page.

2. A code formatter (bueatifier) to arrange the indents for an entire page.

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Hi Chris,

On Dec 13th I asked if a code beautifier could be included because I could not get Code Cleaner to work.

Have since tested Code Cleaner with standard pages and found it will do what is required though it still does not work with my pages.

Reason for this is that my pages include HTML5 block-level tags - section, header and footer. If I include any of these tags in the standard test pages Code Cleaner just does nothing. I have now overcome the problem by using Tools/Application to link out to TidyGUI.exe which provides the capability to define new block tags for the code to process. With this I can define Section header and footer tags are to be processed. Though this is a less than elegant solution it does work.

Would you please enhance Code Cleaner to handle these HTML 5 tags and more closely emulate the features already included in the HTML Tidy type programs? In particular handling the addition of custom tags would be of real benefit for my situation.

Very pleased with my purchase of HTML Editor but would be even more so if this enhancement were included.

Thank you
Alan Chate.
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I am running 12.9 build 714 and Header and Footer do not show up in the Code list as valid tags, is that part of the problem?
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Hi Jerry,

That could be the problem. Is the Code List you refer to a Coffee Cup config item?

Thanks Alan

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