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FroggieB wrote:
I have 2 sites I built using the original HTML Editor but as part of an organizing committee for a local event I just created an event site using the new HTML Editor. I found it very easy to use. There is a lot I would still like to do with this site but for now it is functional and gets the basic information out there.

I would welcome any feedback and suggestions for improving this site. I am retired from being a self taught programmer and now own an antique & collectibles mall. I love photography and still like playing around with programming.



Like the site, yet I would like to make a suggestion.

On your home page, you have a logo and a picture of a old horse drawn tiller. The picture is cutting off the words JUST a little bit... I would suggest moving it down just a hair or 3.

Other wise nicely done. :D
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Like others before me here, I also like the clean, professional look of your site.
The layout, color scheme, fonts, etc. make it easy on the eye and easy to navigate.

But I'm curious as to why you made it so narrow. If you had used a width of about 1,000px instead of 760px, there would be less vertical scrolling and the home page would be fully visible on one screen without scrolling at all... - And the image in the header could be moved clear of the text to avoid the conflict Adam mentioned. (@sirAGE: I think it looks more like a mower than a tiller ;) )

A little detail I happened to notice: The statement "No part of this site may not be used without written permission." in the footer seems to contain at least one too many negatives. ;)

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Mower, Tiller, the thing is still in the way of the text. lol
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This is my first post here. I'm usually a wallflower in forums but couldn't resist this post because my site is also a cat site:

Done with CC HTML Editor and Form Builder. My first site and I am addicted!!!

Feedback is appreciated.

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Hiya JC,

Love the content of your site, very nice, and love the cats too! I would only make one really large suggestion. Set up your site so the width doesn't span the entire width of a person's monitor. Mostly this request is because I have a very wide monitor and your content does not span the entire page, most have large gaps between areas which doesn't look good that way. Give the site a width rather than letting it be free to widen. I think if you do this you'll find your content is much easier to comprehend, find, and read.

Other than that, nice site :)

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Thank you all for your feedback on my site.

SirAGE and Per, your critiques were very helpful. I figured out where to make the changes after looking at the different layout options. I used the canned layouts for start-up and didn't notice that there were 2 different widths.

I did find the double negative before I made it back here to see your suggestions so that has been fixed.

I'm not sure I like the layout of the header now that I have made the page wider but I can always play with that more later. It just seems too spread out to me and I'm not sure yet how to change it.

As for the implement, not sure which it is, mower or what! I know we sold it and several other pieces! I just loved how it looked with the wild asters around the tongue and took the shot. When I was looking for a prairie image I decided it would work.

Again, thank you all for your advice and comments!

Now, I would like to ask for advice on a couple issues if I may. For one, I have added so many vendors to our participating vendor page that it is downright unruly! Any suggestions on how I can reign this in and make it more manageable? I was thinking about trimming it to just the Name and dates for each participant but feel that a description of their offerings is going to be important to anyone planning to attend the event.

The other thing I'm struggling with is figuring out where the right place to add some photos would be. I've played with the idea of a rotating image spot where I can have vendor photos displayed. I don't really like the idea of a photo album page and don't want to much up the pages with too many images.

This is the first year for this event and I know that if it grows as we are hoping that this site is really going to have to grow in content and organization, but that will come later.

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Well, I have just re-done one of my major sites with Coffee Cup and so impressed with the editor that I have made sure that there's a link on every page.

I have got rid of most of the tables that I used about 12 years ago to design the layout (CSS was really around then or if it were then I had never heard of it). I also use TopStyle's CSS editor as I quite like that one.

Anyway, here is my site -- -- beware it may not be Fascist Corp Friendly

Now to get on with stuff for my mates now. I enjoyed the somewhat massive rebuild and it gave me a break from coding and now that the site is more or less done I am going to get back into do more software development for the site.

- Malc
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Well done Malcolm,

Very clean, easy to navigate and lots of content. Not much more you can ask for on a site like that :)

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I made a significant update to my panoramas website. The frontpage has been made with VSD, the panorama pages with the HTML editor. The header is now a Javascript animation instead of Flash. I tried to avoid Java for showing the panoramas (Java on the iPad/Iphone? No, said Steve Jobbs) and to use Javascript for that too, but I didn't find anything that has the quality of the Java applet I still use now :-(


John van Hulst

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Hiya John,

Same as other post. Link doesn't work and I'll fix it when you post it :)

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