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I've been using the HTML editor for around 12 years now!

Here's my latest effort, I thought I'd go for a minimalist look:

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Hi Simon,

The site looks good in wide view. If I were you, I would try to learn responsive web design, in order to make the site better viewable on smaller screens. As it is now, the text becomes too small to read. If you want to continue using the HTML Editor, you should consider getting the CC Responsive Layout Maker (RLM) with which you can make a responsive grid, and then import it to the Editor in order to add the contents. If you get stuck with RLM, there are many people here who can help.
CC also have responsive site builders with which you can create the whole site, with contents, bells and whistles. Check out RSD (Responsive Site Designer) if you want to try that. Again, we are quite nice and helpful in here, and you just need to holler, and we'll come to your assistance ;) .
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My new honey site, built with RFF:
Component sharing for RSD, RFF and RBB:

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Thank you Inger, I'll take a look at that

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I found a fantastic new domain for my site:

With a good domain it would be criminal not to develop the site fully so I will buy and learn the Responsive Layout Maker Pro for those mobile users

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I use Coffeecup to just add a few things to an old forgotten site. It is not professional but ranks really well to send some juice to my other sites.
That is a site done without knowledge, so don't bag me. lol
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Dear users

Can you please posts only websites are made in the CC HTML Editor and the other CC apps.
Please don't please sites made witn wordpress or other is not related in CC

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