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Greetings good people,

I have been playing with the HTML editor and I note the support is very limited. When do you folks plan to release a more functional version? If I purchase it will I have to purchase the updated version?

I noted that the address property
itemscope itemtype="" is omitted along with most of the corresponding code. Do I need to delve deeper?

Am I missing a way for RSD and HTML editor to work together so that changes made with one program are reflected in the other? I love the precision of RSD, of all the programs I have tried out RSD nails it hands down. If I have to go in and make changes to a site however I have to redo all the structured data once I have completed the changes and one thing I know is eventually all clients want changes. So if it doesn't exist may I suggest the two communicate with one another. The one suggestion I have for RSD is to allow me to work in .php instead of HTML.

Thanks for the great work!!
Blissfully Ignorant In Jacksonville, Florida
When all else fails read the instructions.
RSD 4.0 what a pleasant surprise. Fantastic!

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