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Bug? When I perform a replace all across multiple open documents, this function is consistently missing at least 10% of the replacements it is supposed to make. There seems to be no pattern, just randomly missed documents. A star appears, indicating a file has been edited, when in fact it has not. This is very, very frustrating, as I then have to manually inspect each file for the changes. When I do that, I might just as well have made the changes manually in the first place. I like the editor a lot except for this. (Wish list: I wish it had a built-in basic ColdFusion code inspector that could check to ensure that all <CFIF> tags had closing </CFIF> tags, and vice versa. Just basic stuff like that -- nothing fancy.)
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Where are your documents located? Are the on the main C drive or a network drive?
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Robert, I don't know if this might be the case here, but the find-replace tool treats something on one line differently from if it is on two lines (e.g. <div class="whatever"> is treated differently from
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On the C drive, short strings, all on the same line.

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Hi - Here is an example of the string I am attempting to find and replace across multiple open files:

<cfinclude template="../templates/cc_page_header_util.cfm">

<cfinclude template="../templates/cc_page_header.cfm">

It consistently misses the change on around 10% of the open documents (I did click All Open Documents), but creates an asterisk on the tab next to the filename as if it had actually edited the file.
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Let me try a few things. I was using the replace feature the other night and was having some anomalies but I thought it was me.:lol:
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