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Hi everyone,

I'm a relative newbie, know a little about html and css but evidently not nearly as much as I thought! lol

I've searched for the answer to this question here as well as played a ton in my coffeecup html editor 2007 but I just can't get it right!

I've got a pre-made template from a outside source. It uses css. On the main page, right underneath the navigation there is a "members only" form on the left side of the page and a basic "Welcome" title with room for a paragraph and links on the right side. All I wanted to do was remove the form from the left hand side BUT I wanted the "Welcome" area to stay put on the right. When I remove the html code and the css for the form the Welcome area shifts to the left where the form was. I don't see anything to "force" it to the right. I've even tried using the Visual Editor but as soon as I "cut" the form out again the Welcome area goes to the left.

I had thought about putting a graphic or a photo slide show in that left hand area where the member's form is. I tried putting in the slideshow and then getting rid of the form but then the Welcome text goes underneath it still on that left hand side.

I'm sure there's a very simple solution to this but I just can't find it so I'm hoping someone here can advise me in layman's terms!

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If you have it on-line, can you post a lint to it so that we can have a look please? It's always much easier when we can view the code.
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Thanks so much Cliff. No I don't have it online yet. This is my 1st site and I was trying to get it together at least a bit before upload. LOL as for uploading I'm sure I'll end up needing help with that as well!
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Hi Krash,

The css is possibly being used to format the layout. Hence simply deleting it would cause the rest of the formatting to be put out of synch. Try replacing the form (inside its own pre-existing span or div tags) with your picture show or whatever you choose. Hopefully simply substituting one for the other should do the trick.



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