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Using HTML Editor version 16.1 build 808 on Win 10 (64), I have developed a website,, that works beautifully on my PC using my Chrome browser or my Safari browser and on my Android Moto G5S+ phone. However, visitors using iPhones and iPads have problems. With iPhones, the user can't get off the homepage. With iPads, even the latest versions, the user must hold their finger on the menu link for seconds before the menu drops down. Older iPads can't navigate off the homepage, just like iPhones. These are not "heavy" pages with lots of photos or other elements that have to download. My Android phone handles the navigation easily. Is there some html or css code that I could add to my pages to make them more user friendly to iPhone and iPad users?
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I think the problem is that on Iphones and Ipads you can't 'mouse over' anything, as there is no mouse. I see the problem with the submenus, and on the mentioned devices they don't work. For tapping on the menu items there isn't really enough space to put your fingers on something without also hitting something else. I haven't got an Ipad here, just an Iphone 6, and I have no problem navigating to the pages which have no submenus.
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