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Having used the editor more heavily recently I am generally very (very !) pleased with it.

I have a strong suggestion to make for an improvement.

I am developing more than one prototype (each with versions a few times a week) in parallel for a client
Version control of html, css etc is easy - I have base folders ECH10, ECH11 etc that can be uploaded as required to the demo site.
Version control of "commonheader.lbi" is harder. I don't want "commonheader10.lbi" as it may well work in ECH11 until changed when its name needs to change so ECH10 is still remains viable. And when the project is frozen for full development I dont want different version numbers all over the place.

There are really two types of library .. 'project specific' and 'my wonderful scripts that I reuse in all projects'
If you had ProjLib (files in subfolder of the project) and GlobLib (well, somewhere) it would improve the product.
Similar ideas apply to snippets ( 'css for logo colour' ).
( If you only have one, then ProjLib is better than Globlib as you can always copy over useful stuff )


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