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When I tried to add a link to some text I had created using the Visual Editor, I receive an error message "access violation 59A0AB38 in Triedit.dll" Here are the steps to create the error msg:
1. Load a file into HTML Editor 2008
2. Goto Visual Editor
3. Add text or link etc
4. Click save file <--That is when I get the error msg

The added text or link will disappear when I changed to Code Editor or Preview. Hard coding the text or a link using the Code Editor and saving the file will not produce the error message.

I have troubleshot this many different ways and can only reproduce the error when I add anything to a previously created file using HTML 2008 Visual Editor. FYI using the same steps with HTML Editor 2007 does not produce an Error msg.

Computer is a Dell Inspiron 1720 with Win Vista

If you need more info or other steps I have taken let me know.

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Thanks for submitting this. It has been forwarded to the developers.
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I am unable to re-produce this error here. Can any one else confirm this?
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I think I followed your steps and I can not reproduce your error.

I am running Vista Ultimate.

1. Open HTML PreRelease 223 Editor
2. Open an existing file. It will default to open under the "Code Editor' Tab.
3. Click on the "Visual Tab" and then click on "Save&Continue" to edit the file in Visual Editor.
4. I enter additional text. I also entered an additional link.
5. I went to File/Save
6. I clicked on the Preview Tab, also.

I did not get the error.

I closed the program, open it, opened the file, went to Visual Editor and added more text and another link. This time, I clicked on the "Save" icon. I still could not get the error.

Did I follow your steps?
Darce Jean
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Darce Jean yes you followed my steps correctly. Only difference is that I have Vista Home Premium. Not sure if that is the issue.

I uninstalled the program after I wrote this thread and forgot I had written it until tonight when I was looking for an answer on something else. If I have trouble with the final release I will post again to the forum.

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