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Hi - I've been having an issue for about a year now with the HTML Editor. The issue is the editor is freezing up and going into a "Not Responding" status under certain situations. It seems to be occurring when I open up certain folders in the "My Websites" tab and also when I copy files while under the "My Computer" tab over to folders in the "My Websites" tab. Sometimes I need to wait about 10 minutes before the folder finally opens to display the list of files. I experience the same wait time when copying files over to the folder under "My Websites" even when only copying only one or two files. Sometimes I have to kill the program using Task Manager because it just never gets out of the "Not Responding" mode.

When this problem first started happening, I thought maybe I needed the newer version of the HTML Editor. So I uninstalled the 12.9 version and installed a trial version of the 14.1 version. This did not resolve the issue. So I went back to the 12.9 version.

Next I thought is was my computer causing the issues. My old computer ran on Windows 7 and was experiencing some performance issues with other programs because it was about 4 years old. I checked online and saw a suggestion to run the HTML editor as the administrator. This helped a little bit, but not much. I decided just to live with the performance issue.

This weekend I bought a new computer. I copied the local files from "My Websites" over to my new computer and downloaded the 12.9 version of the editor from my account. My new computer is much faster than my old computer, but I am still experiencing the performance issue in the HTML editor. So now I know this issue is definitely with the program itself, not my computer.

I tested opening various folders under "My Websites" on both my old and new computer and realized that the problem is mainly with one folder which contains over 5,700 image files. Folders with a little over 1,000 files are a little slow to open, but not that bad. Although there are many files in this one problem folder, the total size of all the files is only about 200 MB. So I think maybe it is the large number of files that is the issue, not necessarily the total file size.

To get around this issue, I decided to create a new folder for additional images for this one area of my website and no longer put any new images in this large problem folder. The new folder appears to be working fine with both opening the folder and copying images to the folder. The other folders with fewer files also still appear to be fine, but now I know I need to be cautious about how many files I store in each folder or I will experience this horrible performance problem!

Have you heard of anyone else experiencing issues with folders containing a large number of files? If so, is this something that you will be correcting in future versions of the HTML editor?

Thanks for your help with looking into this issue!

Best regards,
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Having 5700 images in a folder can certainly cause some performance issues. That is a lot of files for the Editor to keep track of. That would explain why it works better with a lower number of files. We have only seen this reported by a few users, so priority to look into that has been very low. I will make note that you reported it, so the more people that do, it will certainly help move it up the list. ;)

Probably the easiest fix for your situation would not be to use Projects and simply open the files individually as needed.
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Thanks so much for your quick response Scott! I always assumed it was my computer until I moved to the new computer this weekend. I didn't start doing the folder size comparisons until this weekend. To be honest, I was kind of shocked that I had accumulated that many image files in that one folder! LOL! I didn't realize that folder was so much larger than all the other folders so I had assumed the performance issue was happening everywhere, but it was really isolated to that one folder!

Thanks for the tip! Also, I just realized that Comcast put an e-mail from last week offering a deal on the new version of the HTML editor into my spam folder. So I just bought the new version and will upgrade. I know it won't solve the folder issue, but that's o.k. now that I have a workaround!

Thanks again for your help and the great deal on the upgrade!

Best regards,
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I am having this exact same problem but it is happening with a page I have been editing for a year. There are not a lot of files for the editor to deal with, so I can't imagine that's the problem. Very frustrating to have to wait 60 seconds every time I add in a new line of code.
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Hi Robin,
I would open a support topic for this.
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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