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Have you actually created a Project?
If so, go to the project folder on your computer (where ever it's saved) and make sure you see:
Next, create folders for everything you want to includ in your project (img, js.fonts, etc.), and put all of your site's items within these folders (all photos go in the img folder for example).
Now, when you open up the Editor, you can chose to open a Project and you should have everything you need within that Project.
Go to File > Upload to Server and select either FTP Account or Synch with SDrive. Either create a new server profile or enter your SDrive info. Go to Project Settings and fill that in, depending on whether it's for SDrive/server.
You can choose to have the program check for dependencies during FTP, so it will let you know if you've placed files on your site that aren't in your Project folder so you can move them into the appropriate Project sub-folders and re-upload.

Let us know if I'm off-track here, or if this is what you needed to get going :)
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