How do you move files in directory?

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I have some disorganization in my directory, and want to move files around.
I created a new folder and attempted to drag and drop the pages I wanted to move, into it, but it does not work.
Is there a way to re-organize my files, before uploading them to my server?
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I would just use Windows Explorer.
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WHAT?! You're kidding, right? That is way too easy. PbPbPbPbffffft!:lol:
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There's another way also within the program. If you want to move files from one location to another (you can also copy files to another location as well as moving them this way), just right click on the file and then choose the location you want it to be put in from the list it generates. Once you find the main location you want it to go it will give you a "Here" choice, choose that and the file is sent or copied there.

If you want to create a new folder inside the program, just right click over the "Folder" that you want to create the new folder inside. If it's in the main directory of your project just right click over the top most folder for your project and it will create new folders for you then. You can then proceed to move your files into that new directory.

Good luck regardless of your way to do this, and do keep in mind that if you move things around that you are using within your site pages already that you will need to be sure that the links to those items are updated also. :)
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Really? The HTML Editor doesn't update the links in a document if I move it to another folder? FrontPage did that twenty years ago. I can't be understanding this right.

By the way, I'm in this forum because I want to do precisely that, and my Move To option is greyed-out.
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Some please reply as I also need the links updated when I move a file. Are we sure there is not way to do that? Terrible if so.
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Edit > replace

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I'd also like to see a feature added to HE that updates all links as files are moved. Yep, I used Frontpage years ago and it would update links. Seems that HE should be doing it as well. I've noticed that there are several features on very old software that is not available on HE. Maybe some updates are in order!

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