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I am still using the CC HTML Editor v17. My old eyes have trouble reading the small default fonts used in the various icons, toolbars, libraries, and especially the labels on the left side vertical buttons. I have looked through the available options but didn't see anywhere to increase the interface font size, or to make them bold. How can I set the font sizes and style in the interface so they are easier to read?

I already know how to increase the font size of the code on the right. It is the editor GUI that I have trouble reading. I want to upgrade to the latest version, but want to make sure I will have a way to make it easy to view on my 22 inch 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution monitor. My display settings are set to 100% scaling with a black background and white icon text, which is easy to read. I know how to increase the display scale to 125%, which increases the fonts in the HTML Editor interface, but that makes my desktop icons too large and bumps them out of alignment (they are completely wrapped around all four sides, edge to edge).

Is the HTML Editor interface only controllable via the display settings? Is there a way to change the interface to a dark theme with white letters?
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I'm unaware of any setting in The HTML Editor that will do this, but I think the docked lens view of the Windows Magnifier might help.

I did the following in Windows 11, but am not sure of the procedure for other versions of Windows.
1. I pressed Win+(+) on the keyboard.
2. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+m enough times to cycle through to the mode where the magnifying is just in a docked portion of the screen.
3. I resized that docked portion to a smallish box which I moved to a corner of the screen.

When one has it set up to something that is convenient, it can be turned off by pressing Win+Esc, and turned on again by pressing Win and the plus key.


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