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Wayan Jaya wrote:
If things and or people didn't develop evolve then we would still be suffering from ricketts diphtheria driving model A fords and never have been to the moon. Thank goodness some embrace advancement and use it for the good and benefit of others

Well I do embrace advancement and have engineering designs and software patents which by definition embrace advancement.:) The trick is to know when to improve/make that enhancement or advancement. There is not a real engineer alive that can't look back at his/her design or invention and see that were they to do it again what improvements they would make. That info they assimilate into their knowledge and skills database. What they don't an can't afford to do is tinker with designs unless there it is absolutely necessary as their skills and knowledge are now required on the next project. This sort of brings me back to the simple text file. It does what it is supposed to do in conveying information. Sure it has no fancy graphics, pictures, etc. but it is a format that goes back right to the first computers/Teletypes/typewriters and is still supported by all operating systems as a foundation format that can't be dispensed with.

Anyway by popular demand I'll have a crack at bringing my website into the modern world. I think I have the best tools from Coffecup to do this. All I need is the time as I have some other important time consuming research projects to do and redesigning my website was not on the list.

Time to close this thread off. Thanks for everyone's input.

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