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LOVING this program overall, guys. LOVING it. I've been tweeting you up on DragonAuthors because you're awesome! I'm redesigning our website for a brand new venture (not launched yet, will tell you when!) and taking advantage of the new HangTen/WaveWeapons theme. What I've noticed in the accordion is this: starts out great, no matter what size. Now size it small, and toggle the accordion back and forth. Leave the bottom pane open. Then resize to a width in which both panes should appear side by side. The panes aren't both there. Just whichever one you left open is there. (Reloading fixes it.)

It seems minor, but I suspect some phones are high-res enough that even though portrait shows the overlapping accordion, I'm thinking flipping it width-wise is going to push it into dual-column mode. So if someone flips their phone horizontal, that accordion pane isn't going to show up. I haven't been able to test it on my phone because the site isn't live yet. I'm hoping I'm wrong?

If I'm not wrong, how can I fix it? I LOVE how the front page of the new site development is coming along, so if this is a bug users will run into, I need to fix it so I can use it. Thanks!!!

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