[425] Unable to build data connection: Connection refused.

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This is making me crazy! I have never had an issue with my CoffeeCup FTP until now - quite out of the blue - I'm getting this message:

Received an abnormal reply to a RETR command. This happens e.g. when the server sends fewer bytes than expected. Typical situations are listings of empty directories or downloads of hidden file (filename starting with a '.'). [19] Additional information: RETR response: 425.
Server has replied: [425] Unable to build data connection: Connection refused.

All of my connections are correct, my host (StartLogic) is fine, everything is in order...yet I can't use my FTP. Why??????


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Hiya Melina,

I would contact the CC support rather than posting on the user to user forum as it's probably something they will have to help you with. You can do that by going to the top right, click account, then Your Support Room and put in a support topic and ask the same question there. Good luck and let us know what the problem is by posting a reply here if you would please :)

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