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So far so good. A problem with text seeming to partly echo the letters of the first word of a text line.

See http://www.pembrokelegionbr72.ca/. In the boxes describing the events, there are a few instances here that echo.

Look at the WedneWednesday, and a few few lines down, the Th in Thursday (Twice), and the S before Saturday in the left box describing the entertainment, and the HeHeadlines below the brown. How can I correct this?

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The issue here is with the justification you are using on that text object. Change that from center to left and it will fix that issue.
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Thanks Scott,

I have a preference for centering, but if the issue cannot be solved any other way, I guess I might have to go the way you suggest. What is confusing, is that I have many text boxes on that same page that do not have that issue, and many lines within the same text boxes that do not exhibit the problem. I might try an HTML box, maybe that would be the solution. Not being proficient in the language (indeed, I have very little knowledge of it. LoL). I'll keep trying.

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It's an issue that I have seen off and on and sometimes deleting the element and readding it fixes it but usually I have to use an html box and hand code the text and lay it over an object.
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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I can't explain how it happened, but there are images on top of images.
In the orange top section, there's an image that takes the whole width and has both blocks of text in it
"entertainment..." and "other events". Then there are two more images on top of that – that have orange backgrounds and the same text sections.
Same for the white area below it.
Have you considered using text rather than images of text?
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Hi Paintbrush,

I thought I was using text in a text box. How can I tell if something is text or an image of text? I will also try redoing those text boxes that stutter (LoL) and see if that solves the problem. I might add that the stuttering does not show up in the Preview mode.


PS: Guy's Lament - I wish I knew what I am doing????:/
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To Scott and Paintbrush,

I have applied both your suggestions and the issue is solved.

Scott, the idea of left aligned actually looks better than my preference of centering.

Thank you both for your time and suggestion.


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