Is there a way to send a site preview before publishing?

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I'm trying to send a preview of a site I have built on VSD 7 but it is not published live online yet. I think I was able to do this with VSD 6 but with VSD 7 I can't figure it out. Opening the files of the site I see html files, and I sent those but they won't open on the computer sent to. Anyone have a way to do this?

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How about a screen shot.:) This keeps your design safer.;)
I can't hear what I'm looking at.
It's easy to overlook something you're not looking for.

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You could put it on SDrive and send the link. You can use Direct FTP to pull the site off of SDrive after it's been previewed.

If you want to use a screen capture of individual pages, check out Snagit. It will let you a scrolling capture so the entire page will be shown even if it's longer than the screen:
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I would suggest just using a Screen shot. Faster, easier, and safer. :D
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Definitely a screenshot. Just in case it's a paying customer and that way you won't be losing all your work without getting paid. Typically it's safer to do screenshots because although many people hire out to have their sites done for them, not all people are webdummies and many are very capable of opening the source of the site and taking the code and saying thanks and you don't get paid.

May not be the case here, but just in case it is or in the future you are doing any sites for paying customers screenshots protect your hard work.

If you have Firefox browser, there is an addon called Pixlr Grabber (yep that's how it's spelled so it's not a typo lol) and it will give you the ability to take and save screenshots of an entire site page so that it's not just the screen. Very helpful when you need to show someone a whole entire page rather than just a partial.

Good luck on it :)

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