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Does Visual Light Box preview at all after it's done? I believe I've inserted all code & files where they go and when I "Preview on Google Chrome" it looks like it's all there - just not showing properly. It acts as if it can't get the pictures - like they are not in the folder of the site, but they are.

Not sure I'm doing this right either, but I'm going to attach the cbg file so you can open it and see. The gallery is on the Gallery page.
Well.... It won't let me upload the file. It keeps giving me an Internal Server Error.
I can't send a link because the site is not live yet.

Is it just that CC can't show something in a Google Chrome preview that it can't show in a "Live Preview" on the editor? Like it can't get things out of other files or folders to show in the preview? And I have to make the site live to see my gallery?
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You can pop your source file into your dropbox or similar, and post the url to it.
The CC apps have no problem displaying preview in Chrome, so it must be something different. And online previews as far as I know, are only necessary if PHP is involved.
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Hey dude,

Yeah if you can pop the source on Dropbox for us, that'd be awesome!

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