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Glad it worked for ya Philip, have fun with it, Color Schemer is like my right hand so I have the stand alone, I use it constantly lol. I love that you can save your own color schemes in it so that way I don't have to try to remember what colors I was using in what place lol.

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I installed color-schemer today. However I keep getting error messages when running it as a stand alone.

The messages are:

Access violation at address 004F4209 in module ‘Schemer.exe”. Read of address 040DE160.

Access violation at address 004F4209 in module ‘Schemer.exe”. Read of address 040D4184.

Access violation at address 004F4209 in module ‘Schemer.exe”. Read of address 040DDD88. & etc.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the application.

I am running Windows 7.

Any suggestions


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Hiya Charles,

Are you running it as Administrator setting? Have you tried setting it to Windows XP compatibility?
See if either or both of those work and let us know :)

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I think it would be useful to have both left and right click enabled in the version in the editor so that you could open and close the editor/browser etc and then click with the dropper on the colour that interests you.

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I think it's because it can't be separated from the HTML Editor that it's not able to do that Janys. From what Scott was saying in another thread, it's unable to be treated like a separate entity basically, because it's actually part of the HTMLE. I asked him about this a while ago because I didn't understand why we couldn't minimize the HTMLE and use the color schemer, but it's just not a possibility since it's a built in app of the HTMLE rather than it's own little program.

Personally I suggest anyone that really wants the freedom of using the Color Schemer to just go grab the stand alone version. It's my right hand without a doubt, I use it constantly for a lot of things, not just web building but image editing and such too.

Anyways, that's why I suggested a way to accomplish grabbing colors with the HTMLE window still open in the above post. Would be nice to see the feature you're asking for, but on the other hand I wonder if that would hinder sales of the stand alone version? dunno, guess it's up to them in the end :)

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