Images make containers disappear in BS3 and 4

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I have two columns with two containers each. In mobile size I try adding an image/image link, and the whole container disappears. This happens in both BS3 and BS4.

When I move up past one of the breakpoints towards larger screens, the image is there.

As far as I understand, this must be either a bug, or something that has not yet been implemented in the beta version. Or have I done something stupid?
I've tried the same with RFF, and that works fine, and also in RSD starting with large screen going down, that is also troublefree.

See attached file and try adding an image or so into one of the containers.
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Not an answer, but just some notes from experimenting with this -

(a) Changing the containers' Flex Direction at the narrow width from Column to Row removes the problem.
(b) Similarly changing the Flex Direction of the columns from Column to Row removes the problem.
(c) The problem is not confined to pictures, but affects all sorts of content I've tried.
(d) Although I too couldn't replicate the issue in RSD or RFF, neither could I when starting from scratch in RBB. Is there perhaps just some corruption in the file, or can others replicate it starting from scratch?


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I see the issue on that file but I tried to recreate it and didn't have the same issues.

Is this file what you were trying to do? Not sure if I was rebuilding it differently?

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Hi, I've been away from the computer for a couple of days, sorry for my late reply.

Frank, I needed the flex direction column, because I wanted to pop an image, a small header and some text below each other in the containers.

Jeff, your example was fairly similar to mine, and it let me see what I needed to change. I had not used Bootstrap classes, just a class of my own, and that was a mistake. RFF allowed me to name a class '.container-1', but in RBB I needed to call it '.container' (after that I could add other class names, but that was not necessary in this case).
Anyway, when I changed the class names from .container-1 to just .container, everything started behaving itself. :)
Thanks for looking into it!
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