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Analyze 70+ factors that improve your Site's Usability and Search Rank.

Website Insight provides a neutral, analytical view of your website — it's like looking at your pages through a search engine's eyes. Browse through the generated report and get valuable insight in the experience and impressions of your human visitors too.

SEO Perspective

The CoffeeCup Perspective on SEO

From the dawn of the business world — long before the internet, SEO and SEO software came into existence — entrepreneurs have strived to accomplish one challenging goal: to attract people that have an interest in the product or service they provide and converting them into paying, satisfied customers. Now how have they done that?

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In Depth Guidance

SEO as You Go!

SEO is often described in mysterious terms such as “The methodology behind improving your website’s search rank.” We like to look at it as “Visitor Friendliness.” If you make the visit a relevant and interesting experience, it will impress search engines and human visitors alike.

It’s a continuous process that you need a buddy for. A buddy that can help gather the relevant data. A buddy that helps you crunch the numbers. A buddy that gives you a neutral, honest perspective. A buddy that never gets tired, and never complains. Website Insight is that buddy — tireless and anxious to help you following every update, change, tweak, or page addition.

Buddys Got your Back

Buddy’s got Your Back

Have you ever looked at your web page contents through a search engine's eyes? Ever wondered what a neutral visitors impression is when he or she reads what’s there? Website Insight will help you see. This buddy breaks down your content structure, analyzes meta data, counts and verifies links, summarizes what you emphasized and more.

Website Insight has your back too. Remember when we responsified our site? Buddy diligently pointed out the broken links, reported neglected meta descriptions, and listed header information. We just can’t imagine what we would have done without him!

SEO as you go

In-Depth Guidance

Sifting your way through over 70+ data points can be overwhelming when you don't know where to begin. We'll help you by scrutinizing your site and provide you with a list of potential problems. Automagic recommendations help you prioritize which issues need to be addressed first and which ones can wait for a rainy day. This way you know just what you need to do to make the search engines happy.

Probe your sites for valuable information and discover areas where they can be improved.

Insightful Keywords Analysis

Insightful Keyword Analysis

Keywords are words or short phrases that are core or ‘relevant’ to the content on the page. They are important for accurately describing the page, product or service and (therefore) used for searching by people interested in the matter. Website Insight compiles a comprehensive 12 point overview of the exact usage of the keywords on a page.

How often is the word used, what is the keyword density? How frequently is it used compared to other words or other keywords? Where is it used — in the page title, in links? Are the top words used in crucial areas? One look at the overview and you’ll be high on opportunity caffeine!

  • FEATURE OVERVIEW & ROADMAP Full Support Coming Soon Thinking About It
  • Get insight in 70+ data points that can improve your site’s usability and visibility.
  • Generate custom reports with snapshots for every page of your websites. Then store, select and show them by date.
  • Project management: all scans are saved in a single project file allowing you to view your progress over time.
  • Reports that are no longer useful can be removed from your project.
  • If you need faster analysis or are not interested a certain areas, simply tell your buddy what to skip.
  • See how each page has been constructed plus analyze the weight of each component.
  • Breakdown your page’s core components, view their size and load time impact.
  • Examine your content structure with a comprehensive, analytical overview of each page. Get insight in keywords usage, word count, link counts, alt text, header text and more
  • Website Insight categorizes words, head data, internal, external and broken links (if you have any), shows header data as well as emphasized content.
  • Get a handy checkbox overview of your keywords utilization and distribution.
  • Improve keyword usage with keyword density and importance statistics.
  • Analyse keyword placement in links and image alt texts using a handy filter.
  • Get the exact match count for found keyword phrases.
  • Sweet read: enjoy a comprehensive, up to date Quick Start Guide with handy SEO information and tips.
  • Check search engine visibility factors such as the use of valid code and design practices.
  • A handy visibility overview including Google PR and result indicator.
  • If problems are found, your buddy Website Insight shows you what is wrong and what to do about it!
  • Get an understanding of the search engine and visitor friendliness of your site by checking factors like sitemaps and robot txt files.
  • Domain age can have a positive impact on your search rank: check yours.
  • Server response code and malware checker: you never know!
  • Export all breakdown areas to a CSV file for further analysis and custom graphing.
  • Customizable stop words settings: you decide what words should not be included.
  • Custom settings for minimum keyword length and occurrences give you granular control over the way the program includes words in the analysis.


The fundamental business principles of drawing and helping people — attracting visitors and converting them into customers — goes all the way back to the friendly local “Mom n’ Pop” stores everyone is familiar with. First and foremost they tried to attract people with an interest.

First and foremost they tried to attract people with an interest. Just generating random traffic to their store would just make the floors dirty and drive real customers away. They would appeal to the interest by making clear what they were doing through a sign painted in big letters on the front of the store for example.

The window display would feature a nicely presented selection of what they had to offer. Entering the store would be a pleasant experience, it would be clean, the products laid out in logical categories with clear descriptions. Additional relevant information was easy to obtain by reading tags, packaging information, brochures or asking somebody.

Even if you left the store without buying anything, you were impressed enough to mention it the next time someone else was interested in that type of product or service.

Fast-forward to the age of the Internet.

The terminology has changed, the basic concept stayed the same. A website needs to be visible and friendly to the people interested in the product or service being provided. To do this, the website must clearly express what it’s all about. This includes the web address, the title of the home page, the text of headers, the description of the company, product or service. There are lots of comparisons that can be made between the offline world and the online world. A visitor still is a potential customer that should be allowed to ask questions or obtain more information, for example through a web form. A customer was, and still can be a referrer for others, for example by linking to the site from his own website.

Reaching for Glory

No analogy is perfect, of course. But when looking at the core principles of good business conduct and removing all the fancy terminology, the similarities are striking. And they are working too! Just search google for html editor, coffeecup, or web form or web design software. You will see that we are often in the top 3 of the organic search results, even for the word coffeecup although we don’t sell coffee, or coffeecups ;) Website Insight is SEO Software incorporating years of experience and built with these simple but important core principles in mind.

So what is SEO, anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s often described with mysterious definitions such as “The methodology behind improving your website’s rank in search results.” We like to think of it as “Visitor Friendliness.” If you make the visit a relevant, memorable and interesting experience, it will benefit both search engines and the people who visit.

In other words, build businesses and websites with people—not search engines—in mind! Serve your customers well and the search engines will love you sooner or later as well. After all, those search engines were built by people and borrow heavily from the developers’ good ol’ real-world experiences.

How does a search engine work?

The principal theory behind how a search engine operates is actually quite easy to understand. Sure, the search engines of today use extremely complex ranking algorithms that are changed almost daily, but the fundamental approach to running a search engine has remained the same for years:

  • Crawl the Internet for content

  • Index or “store” the content into a large database

  • Retrieve relevant content when a user searches


Search engines run programs called crawlers (also known as robots or spiders). They crawl the web looking for content, following every link they come across and take home the texts and images they find.


Then they pass the information along to an indexer, who categorizes the data into a main search engine index. Each chunk of information is given a unique identification number analyzed to determine which keywords it contains. The indexer also records all links, keeps track of inbound and outbound connections between pages, analyses the link texts and the position of the links on the pages and a bunch of other things. In short the indexer analyses all information, splits it up in a number of list, and makes those list available to the retriever.


Whenever somebody types a search term into a search engine the retriever goes through the indexes and lists and presents the searcher with a list of relevant information, the so called Search Engine Results Page. The higher your site and pages are displayed on the results page, the higher your search rank, the more likely the searcher is to click on your link and visit your website.

Are you on the guest list?

These organic listings are what people are most concerned with. They often create lots of highly targeted traffic without paying a dime for advertising. What’s not to like!

The ordering of these search listings is calculated by a search engine’s algorithm, which is essentially a mathematical formula. The secret algorithms consider a huge number of variables, including link popularity (the number and importance of links that lead to a page), the content on the page, and the size of text (emphasis on specific content). And just like real world customers, they can not be cheated. There is no trick to magically rise up in the search results. But as we said before, if you score well on the key factors of “good business conduct”, customers and search engines will appreciate it alike and your rankings will eventually go up. And Website Insight is a nifty piece of software made to help you keep score and maintain healthy neutral perspective.

Now that’s a cool app!

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