Website Insight is a hot new tool for analyzing and improving your website’s search engine visibility and visitor’s friendliness. Some might call it SEO software, but in reality it is a tireless buddy that will be of a tremendous help for any website, existing or new.

Anyone, who has designed or developed for the web, knows the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But keeping track of everything that is important can be daunting and time-consuming. Things like keyword density, importance, placement, link text, etc. need to be tracked and presented in a clear, comprehensive way.

CoffeeCup Website Insight (WI) is the buddy that will do a big part of the job for you. WI will analyze your site as often as you want and present you with 70+ useful and actionable data points, allowing you to understand what changes can be done to improve your website's visibility.

As Website Insight scans a page, a snapshot is taken of it to show you what it sees. Each time you scan the page again, a new report will be generated. This allows you to cycle through the snapshots to see how your page has changed over time. Everything is saved, so as this nifty piece of SEO software evolves, and additional features get included, your reports will become richer as well.

You don’t have to be an expert coder to begin optimizing your site — most of the simple tasks you need to do involve text editing or require only a basic understanding of HTML. However, getting to those tasks, knowing what they are and monitoring progress is not always easy. And that’s what Website Insight is here to help you do!

WI will scan your pages and give you detailed reports on everything important, ranging from the use of keywords in alt attributes, link and headers to an overview of your social visibility. You’ll find out what’s missing from your site, what’s incorrect, what might be old or odd and more. And as a bonus you get an easy to understand breakdown with recommendations that tell you just what you need to do to make your site more visitor and search engine friendly.