CoffeeCup has quite a few programs in our lineup. Because there are so many, it's going to take some time to make all of our programs S-Drive-compatible. This list will show you which programs directly integrate with S-Drive or work with manually uploaded files.

The following programs publish directly to S-Drive:

  • Shopping Cart Creator
  • HTML Editor
  • Web Form Builder (Windows / OS X)
  • Menu Builder (Windows / OS X)
  • Direct FTP / Free FTP
  • Visual Site Designer
  • Photo Gallery
  • Web Editor for OS X
  • Power Post

Programs that work with S-Drive, but currently require manual file uploading with Direct FTP or Free FTP:

  • Animation Sudio
  • Web Calendar
  • Web Image Studio
  • Web JukeBox
  • Web Video Player
  • Firestarter
  • Image Mapper
  • Pix Converter
  • Sitemapper
  • Ad Producer
  • Web Video Recorder
  • Password Wizard

These programs don't work with S-Drive (for fundamental reasons!):

  • Website Access Manager
  • Live Chat