A Stream is a service provided by CoffeeCup that consists of a list of posts in descending order beginning with the most recent post. A typical Stream will contain a title, a subtitle, a list of posts, and a tool at the bottom for navigation between pages of posts.

There isn’t really a way that the Stream is intended to be used; rather, it's a tool that helps you accomplish a goal on your website. Here are some example uses for your Stream:

  • Quickly posting media to the web while maintaining full control and rights to your content
  • Posting a quick update, a short story, gibberish, or anything else that comes out of your brain via your fingertips, whether through a computer keyboard or phone
  • Providing your customers with the latest news about your product, service, or whatever else you think your customers will be interested in
  • Compiling information with friends or colleagues in a central location

The list goes on!

One of the things that makes your Stream so exceptional is that it can be placed on your own webpage. This means you can take the embed code for your Stream, place it within the <head> tags of one of your webpages, and have it show up on that page alongside other content. This means that you can use it as the main news feed on the front page of your website, or a place where your website’s visitors can go to view awesome/funny/random content as you create it.

Another major benefit of the use of your Stream is that it can be updated from anywhere — provided you have a phone that can send e-mail. A quick e-mail to a specific address allows you to create a header, the body of your post, and even attach photos or certain other files from anywhere you’ve got cell service. Just imagine standing atop the Empire State Building, snapping a photo of New York City, and posting it to your own personal webpage in literally a few seconds!

We’ve got spectacular themes available for you to use, so don’t worry if you’re not design-savvy. We did the hard work for you. But for those of you who want to tweak the appearance, we give you complete access to the CSS of the Stream, so you can make just about any design change you can think of.

And if you want others to be able to post to your Stream as well, you can sign them up as contributors. Whether they’re employees of your business, friends who are compiling a Stream of skyline photos, or your mom testing her new iPhone, others can use your Stream (but only if you’ve given them access!)

With Facebook and Twitter integration, you can post to your Stream and one or both of these social media sites at the same time. This saves you from having to post the same thing in three different places — plus, it can pull people to your website directly from these sites without looking like an advertisement!

Speaking of social media sites, Streams also features the ability to import posts from other websites. Through the use of an RSS feed URL, you can take those status updates, or any other RSS-friendly content, and throw it right into your Stream as if it was always there.

Sign up now and you can start using your Stream in a matter of minutes.