What is Sonar?

Sonar goes deep - really deep - into a website and transmits back a comprehensive overview with instant data on your sites performance. This extremely helpful data includes the number of file requests being made by the server, their size in reference to page load speeds, along with a viewport comparison. The app also includes a summary checklist that provides tips for improving your metrics.

Always keep in mind that these numbers are subjective. Some websites need a lot of images or JavaScripts because of the nature of their design while others may not need any at all. By default, Sonar uses a “ Rule of Thumb” approach with the data it presents, but it also allows you to fully customize these variables to fit your sites unique needs.


Documentation Still in Progress

To help you navigate the numbers, we've also rounded up a nice collection of helpful articles that you can find in each chapter of the guide. Additional help can be found through the app by clicking the ? next to each section title.

As we wrap up the documentation, if you have any questions or would like us to explain an item further, please let us know in your support room.