An FTP program does not need a lot of settings to get the job done. That is why we have minimized the settings used in Places. There are two sections found under Tools > Settings, Options and Global Defaults.

Under Options, you can find the following:

  • Restore Last Connection on Startup- You can use this option to open all the profiles that were open when Places was last closed.
  • Show View Log Button- This allows you to show the View Log button on any profile in case you need to access them. Use this setting if you are having any problems connecting to a place and need more specific details as to why it is not connecting.
  • Run in System Tray- Minimizes the program to the System Tray allowing for quick access to your Places.
  • Title bar Close button minimizes to tray instead of program exit- This will disable the big red X and simply minimize the program to your System Tray.

The Global Defaults for New Accounts has only two options:

  • Use Passive mode for all Transfers- We recommend this be checked as it can assist with your connection to FTP accounts.
  • When a file already exists- The program can either Ask you what to do, automatically overwrite the file or skip the file and do nothing with it.
Figure 1: Places Settings Window

Master Password:

This is a cool feature that allows you to password protect your Places profiles so that if someone does happen to get a hold of your .plc file it is protected by a 448-bit encryption. Keeping all your sensitive FTP, cloud, and social media accounts safe and sound.

To set your Master Password go to Tools > Master Password. You will be asked to enter a Master Password. Enter the password twice and click Set Password.

Figure 2: Master Password Window

Now that you have a Master Password you will be asked to enter it each time you open Places.


Write it down!

If you lose this password, there is “no, none, nada, nee, jo, la, voch’, deyil, ez, nie, ne, bu, nej, ei, hindi, non, ara, nein, ohee, pa, lo, nahi, nem, tidak, aniyo, ma, nao, nu, niet, naha, hapana, illai, mai, hayir, khong, nid oes, illa, noon, no mon”, way to retrieve that password. If you set a Master Password, please make sure you remember it or write it down and store in a safe place.

If for some strange act of nature that you may happen to lose your password, we do provide a Forgot Password option. Please note this DOES NOT reset your password. You will be permanently deleting your Places database, and you will lose all of your profiles. If you are sure and you wish to delete the database click Yes.

Figure 3: Delete Places Database

Now, we know how some may accidently press the forgot link button and then “accidently” press Yes, without reading it so we have included one extra “Are you sure you want to continue” prompt. If you are absolutely sure, you want to delete your database, click Yes.

Figure 4: Delete Places Database Seond Warning