With the growing number of social media, web accounts and cloud applications available to us, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with all of them. Also, having to manage these files, photos and documents between them, can be tiresome and complicated.

CoffeeCup Places is an “all in one” program that brings your accounts together into one application. With Places, you can manage your files wherever they are. No matter if they are on your server, cloud or social media account. Places help keep accounts organized making it easy to stay connected from home; work or on the go. You can even keep Places on a USB drive and carry it with you. There is no easier and more productive way to manage your places.

If you are tired of this like the rest of us, logging into different websites every time you want to access your Instagram photos, Google Drive, OneDrive, Flickr photos and so on then you have come to the right place (pun intended).

Figure 1: CoffeeCup Places