With Web Form Builder, you have the ability to log your form results into a CSV (coma seperated value) file as well as a MySQL database (SQL not supported).



Save to a text file

This option allows you to have your form results written to a CSV file which can be imported into any spreadhseet program. You will enter only a file name here without any directory path and it should contain NO spaces. A proper file name would be form-results.csv.

To access this file on your server, use an FTP client and go into the folder storage and then into the folder csv.

Save to a MySQL database

  • Server: Enter thy MySQL server name. A proper server name would be localhost, domain.com, etc...
  • Port: Typically the default port for all MySQL servers is 3306
  • Username: The MySQL user name.
  • Database name: The database that you want to store the form results into. This database must be manually created a head of time.
  • Table name: Enter the table name you want the form stored into. DO NOT CREATE THIS TABLE MANUALLY. On the first submission, Form Builder will create the table for you.


The storage folder which handles all file uploads and CSV files is protected by an htaccess file to prevent access through the web. If you want to access thes folders/files in your browser, you must remove the .htaccess file manually with an FTP client.