New to S-Drive? No worries! It's actually a very simple way to host full-featured and powerful websites. We have an entire series of tutorials that will help you through many of the wonders of S-Drive.

To start, we’ll put a website on S-Drive Sites in 3 steps. We’re going to use a sweet FTP client: our very own Direct FTP (of course!) It’s easy to use, and even has a built-in code editor so you can edit your website right within the program. We also offer a free version called Free FTP that connects to S-Drive if you’re not ready to make the purchase.

With a site stored on your computer (in progress or completed), getting it live on S-Drive is easier then making popcorn. Here’s how:

  1. Open Direct FTP and connect to S-Drive by going to File > Quick Connect and clicking on your domain or CoffeeCup web address.
  2. Browse for your website files in the left pane.
  3. Drag all your website files from the left (local) pane to the "site" folder in the right (S-Drive) pane.

That’s it—you can now share your website with the world!

If your S-Drive account wasn’t set up in the software, it’s as simple as logging in to a website. Just go to File > Manage Servers and click the gear-shifter icon. Enter your CoffeeCup user name and password and KAZAM! You’re all set.

Is your website with a hosting provider and you don’t have a local copy? No sweat, just use Free or Direct FTP to connect to your web hosting provider. Then follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder in the left (local) pane, and drag all your website files from the right (hosting server pane) into it.
  2. Connect to S-Drive.
  3. Drag all your website files from the folder you just created to the "site" folder in the right (S-Drive) pane.

Everybody can do that! Uploading to S-Drive is generally faster then uploading to a traditional hosting provider. Use S-Drive Sites to live test or easily show and share a new design/site you are working on. Use it for additional websites or full-fledged production websites. Whatever you use it for, both S-Drive and the CoffeeCup team will be with you the entire way!

One more thing: If you have been eying an additional website project or been dreaming about a great domain, you’re in luck:

You get a free domain with any paid S-Drive plan.

And just in case you’ve purchased your domain somewhere else, know that you can either point it to us or transfer it entirely. Questions about this? Drop us a note in your support room and we will be happy to help.

Good luck with your website!