Responsive email design is coming to Gmail

This is HUGE! Google Gmail is answering everyone’s prayers by adding support for Media Queries — the secret recipe of any responsive design. With RED you can manage them by just pointing and clicking; you don’t even have to know what they are.

We can’t stop dancing over this fantastic news. So we’re celebrating with a loco 30% off discount on the web’s only visual responsive email designer!

Unprecedented design freedom. Without Code.

Hand coding responsive emails is a nightmare. There is no standard for CSS across email platforms like you would find on the web. And if you go at it code-free, then you’re stuck relying on general, plain and rigid, templates or using burdensome images (that don’t display upon open for roughly 50% of readers.)

That’s why we made RED. It’s an enabler for non-coders and big time saver for code lovers. RED frees you from templates or image-dominate layouts, allowing your creativity to flourish while you drag, drop and click to create your very own, device-friendly designs.

We love it and use it for every newsletter. But don’t just take our word for it:

Responsive Email for Business is a great product and has cut my build times by 60%.
— Ryan Brooks in the forums

Google is solidifying this email standard, and RED will take you there. Come join the party and get started with Responsive Email Designer today. Just be sure to enter coupon code GMAIL at checkout...

Start building outstanding campaigns!