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Themes, Projects, Prototypes, Links, Experiments & More: Do you love our snazzy quick start examples (thanks, you’re making us blush) and would like to use them within your website? Or maybe you want to get hands-on with the tutorial and manipulate the sample. Then you’re in luck! Here you may download the Menu Builder project files including both the HTML & CSS menu files. We’ll continue to add additional resources like new themes and helpful links in the weeks ahead so be sure to check back later. 

The Polished Theme Section

Designs whipped 101% in shape. Read how we made them, preview them and download them. To open these designs just double-click the file icon (this would be the .mb file found in the folder you downloaded) (after installing Menu Builder).

Minimal Glass Up

A minimal yet strong design with a minimal shade of blue. A subtle shadow lifts the menu up. This menu is very noticeable, but never distracting. At the first breakpoint (denoted by the number 2 area) it gives back height. This prevents content from being pushed down too much on smaller screens. There are two variations of the mobile button. Initially it takes of 50% of the available width. On even smaller screens the text would either overflow the button or was becoming really small, increasing the width to 75% solved this. Obviously other design choices could have been made such as using a shorter word like 'Menu' or even just using the caret icon. Tweaking the text size and button height was another option. Whatever you do make sure to keep it big enough to be 'touched' with a finger or thumb.

Free navigation menu theme: Minimal Glass Up.

Free navigation menu design: Minimal Glass Up
Get the resources for Minimal Glass

This navigation menu uses a minimal, but effective design.

Iconic Red

This menu uses icons for a supportive visual effect. Hovering over the buttons makes the icons pop for clear visual guidance and a snazzy effect. The red makes it stand out and bold but the menu colors are easy to customize. The icons can be changed too with a few simple clicks using Web Image Studio.

Free navigation menu theme: Iconic Red.

Free navigation menu: Iconic Red
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Expressive Icons.

The CoffeeCup Replicate

People asked if Menu Builder was powerful enough to do CoffeeCup. Here's the proof.

Free navigation menu theme: CoffeeCup R.

The CoffeeCup Navigation Replicated

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Cool? We're adding stuff to Menu Builder that will even blow this one away soon. But don't wait, get going with this cool App right away!

Old Keyboard Menu

This cool design has a lot of cool elements to help make the buttons really pop out and grab the viewer’s attention. Each main button has slightly rounded corners with a hint of shadow. To help the viewer quickly find their way back to your main page, the Home button has an orange color applied. The drop submenu buttons should stand out to the viewer so they can see they are viewing a new list of options. A change of color or button shape is a great way to do this.

Free navigation menu theme: Old Keyboard.

Free navigation menu design: Old Keyboard Horizontal

Old Keyboard theme for screens not wider then 510px.

Free mobile navigation menu design: Old Keyboard for Mobile

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The old keyboard menu has a nice vintage look.


The Experimental Section

Prototypes and experiments that are 107 170% creative. More explanation will be added soon.

Glossy colors

And glossy it is.

Free experimental navigation menu theme: Multi Glossy.

Free navigation menu design: Old Keyboard Horizontal

Get the resources and be glossy.


Rounded Steel and width areas

Behold, 3 breakpoints used for size adjustments, 1 for switching to a mobile navigation layout.

Free prototype: Rounded Steel.

Free menu prototype: four breakpoints

A fierce, strong and proud menu is presented to the users with the wider screens such as bigger laptops, desktops and TV screens (number 1). With the first few breakpoints the size of the menu, submenus, text and buttons are adjusted to make sure the button text has enough room and does not flow out of the buttons. This makes the same menu work well on smaller computers, resized browsers and some of the bigger tablets. The number 2 in the graphic visualizes the smaller size menu, just before the last breakpoint kicks in. This breakpoint transforms the horizontal menu into a mobile layout. The menu is collapsed, only showing the mobile button (3a), until pushed (3b). This layout saves room for the other content and displays on the smaller tablets and mobile phones.

Get the resources and see how this is done.


Our Canvas Theme with embedded menu: colorful!

Copy twice, paste twice and done!

Free responsive site theme with integrated responsive menu: 

Free responsive theme with integrated menu.

Integrating is easy, get the resources and see how this is done.


The link section

We researched a lot, read many blogs, and talked to good guys and's a summary:
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