We just want to start this article by saying that we do not recommend using Shopping Cart Creator with iframes. It's not exactly the best design practice, and you can achieve much better results with Shopping Cart Designer or Shopping Cart Designer Pro.

That said, if you're hell-bent on putting your shopping cart in an iframe, you may have noticed that Internet Explorer doesn't process transactions to the merchant properly. To fix this, you'll need to manually edit your shopping cart code. Here's how:

  1. Use an FTP client like Direct FTP or Free FTP to connect to your server.
  2. Find and open ccdata/data/goppwps.inc.php (for PayPal) or ccdata/data/cart_authnet_1.inc.php (for Authorize.Net).  
  3. Add this code to the <form> tag: target="_parent". It will look like this:

<form target="_parent">

After you make this change, Internet Explorer will handle transactions correctly.