When using Web Video Player or Ad Producer and you receive the alert I/O 103 Error dialog during the conversion process, this typically means that there is a conflicting codec installed on your computer preventing our software from converting your video.

There are a few choices you have here:

  1. Try installing the K-Lite Codec or the FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder. After installing either of these codec packs, reboot your computer and try to convert your video again with Web Video Player.  If you still receive the same error message, move on to #2.
  2. You can use another video converter and convert your video to FLV and then add that video to Web Video Player or Ad Producer. One free video converter we recommend is HAMSTER Free Video Converter.

Using HAMSTER Free Video Converter, add your videos to this program and on step 2 of the video conversion process, select FLV.  After the video has been converted, simply add the FLV file to Web Video Player by clicking on the "Add Video" icon under the Video Playlist area.

Note: CoffeeCup has no direct affiliation with any of these programs. This information is only provided as a means to help our customers with converting videos for use with our video products.