You may get the following error message when you are configuring your FTP settings if you incorrectly selected the wrong home directory or if you already have an existing .htaccess file in your home directory:

Error 401: Oops, we have a problem! There is already an .htaccess file in a folder above the one you've selected. To fix this error, use an FTP client like Direct FTP to go into your server and delete this .htaccess file.

To fix this issue, use an FTP client such as Direct FTP or Free FTP to connect to your server. Next, navigate to the file above the file you tried to protect, and delete the existing .htaccess file. Now you can return to Website Access Manager and try uploading again

Note: If you are using FrontPage Extensions, you will need to disable them in order for Website Access Manager to work correctly. For more information about using FrontPage with Website Access Manager, consult this article.

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