S-Drive Shops brings you a wealth of information about your customers and their purchasing habits to help you make better decisions as a shopkeeper — which is exactly why we've developed the S-Drive Shopkeeper package. In order to take advantage of the awesome power of Shops, you'll need to sign up for this service.

Once you're all set with your Shopkeeper package, your shop should be automatically enabled. If it is not, or you have previously disabled your Shop, you'll need to enable it before you can publish to S-Drive from Shopping Cart Creator or Shopping Cart Creator Pro. Here's how it's done:

Sign in to the S-Drive Dashboard.

If your Shop is not enabled, or you haven't published a Shop yet, you will see this message when you click the Shop tab:

To enable your shop, click the Settings tab:

At the bottom of this screen, under Service Settings, check the box next to Activate My Shop. Then click Save Settings.

Now you can access your Shop's statistics by clicking the Shop tab! Here's a basic example of what you will see:

Interested to know more about what these statistics mean? Click here for a complete tutorial of all of our Dashboard stats.