Some users have reported that they are unable to convert videos using CoffeeCup Ad Producer. The problem has to do with a codec installed on the computer that is conflicting with ours. Codec is an abbreviation for Coder-Decoder. It's an analog-to-digital (A/D) and digital-to-analog (D/A) converter for translating the signals from the outside world to digital, and back again.

The unfortunate thing is that, because there are so many codecs out there, determining which ones you may have is almost impossible. What we can suggest is that you look in your Control Panel/Add Remove Programs window and see if you have any listed there. Reinstalling the Windows codecs may resolve the issue.

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There is also a free utility called Sherlock that can examine your system and tell you what you do have installed. You can download it at

Lastly, the video may not be able to convert if your computer lacks a codec capable of properly decoding the movie. This can usually be fixed by installing a codec called FFDShow. You can find it here: