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Rejoice — we’re giving you complimentary, mobile-friendly email designs! These quick start templates are lightly styled to make it easy to dive in and customize to your specific needs.


Build Better Emails with RED V2

This theme can be edited using any code editor. We get it though, not all of us are code wizards, and making nice responsive emails is tough. Which is why you can also customize this design visually using Responsive Email Designer. Build professional, flexible emails, newsletters, and sales notices just by dragging and dropping and using clickable style controls.

Edit these projects using any code editor or visually with Responsive Email Designer!
Quick Start
Smooth Design

Designing emails in responsive, HTML format is smart and good for your business. You’ll get:

  • An always-readable message
  • Better deliverability
  • Increase in opens
  • A huge boost in revenue!

We demonstrated this in our Zappos tutorial where we transformed their sad, unreadable message into an email that is tremendously more effective message with readers.

Check it out — we promise you’ll love the results you see!